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No matter the INDUSTRY, data storage and DATA reliability are critical to your BUSINESS.
With a smarter storage architecture, businesses can adapt, grow and succeed in new ways.
Security, high availability and rapid recovery for maximum data protection.
Incorporating cloud storage approaches can lower the cost of doing business.


Headquartered in St. Louis,
Soladata delivers superior
storage solutions to businesses.

Our experienced team builds solutions that outperform while controlling the cost of storage.

At Soladata, we’ve been helping clients throughout the Mid-West and Northeast maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their data storage assets while providing the strategy and insight of how to best leverage storage to solve business challenges. We employ storage experts who go beyond hardware and software to understand the reasons why a company needs a new storage architecture, cloud infrastructure or disaster recovery plan.

The quality of the Soladata team begins with David Moore, a 25-year industry veteran that has achieved several distinct technical certifications and has been nationally recognized by leading vendors across the globe as one of the top minds when it comes to designing, implementing and supporting storage solutions.

Soladata's proven methodology is designed to address your business requirements for availability, recoverability, performance, and growth.

storage architecture

Soladata storage solutions are architected for security, performance & scalability.

The right architecture leads to smarter storage that enables business to do more with less.

Data storage is complex. Rather than make it “simple” and sacrifice features, Soladata makes it smarter so that it can continuously evolve to meet the dynamic requirements of businesses. Our expert reference architectures provide a proven roadmap of a data storage solution that addresses storage, servers, software, backup and the cloud.

When considering a storage architecture, the key is how it works with a company’s data Companies run on data. If data is lost, inaccessible, stolen or slow, it can have a direct effect on the productivity and profitability of an organization. That’s why Soladata’s storage architectures addresscritical facets of a company’s data needs and bring the right resources together to optimize data storage. Integer posuere erat a ante venenatis dapibus posuere velit aliquet. Donec id elit non mi porta gravida at eget metus. Morbi leo risus, porta ac consectetur ac, vestibulum at eros. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer posuere erat a ante venenatis dapibus.

Data protection

Soladata storage solutions keep critical data safe and secure, no matter what.

Data protection is a big issue for our clients, so we have a multi-phase approach to addressing it.

Soladata’s data protection offerings enable companies to more cost effectively store and secure data while also preparing for high availability, disaster recovery, backup and compliance needs. Our experience team works with proven technology to provide enterprise-class protection at SMB-friendly prices.

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Be ready with a smarter disaster recovery solution

Application downtime is something businesses can no longer accept in their operations. Rather than continuing to add hardware to old systems, Soladata engineers dynamic disaster recovery solutions that more efficiently scale, are simple to manage and lower operating costs – while meeting required SLAs in the face of any outage.

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High availability solutions that set a higher standard

The demands on systems from customers or employees can put a lot of pressure on an IT infrastructure – and on the team responsible for it. That’s why Soladata’s high availability solutions are built on an efficient, flexible platform that makes it easy to deliver superior uptime levels and faster recovery speeds.

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Data backups built with a better approach

The rate of data growth is exploding and shows no signs of slowing, making current backup and archive solutions expensive to maintain. Turn to Soladata for a backup system that reduces disk capacity requirements, minimizes backup windows and allows for faster data recovery across all tiers of storage.


Soladata unlocks the power
of smarter cloud storage

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Our holistic approach to cloud implementation delivers the benefits that matter most.

The cloud is an environment full of possibilities for businesses equipped to capitalize on them. Soladata brings enterprise-grade cloud storage solutions to our customers so that they experience lower costs, reduced complexity and greater flexibility to handle the changing requirements of their business.

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Off-site Data-Protection

The incorporation of off-site storage into a data protection strategy enables companies to better guard against data loss. It’s particularly useful for companies with multiple offices and distributed workforces that can now be managed in a central system, simplifying IT management.

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Off-site Architecture

By creating a cloud storage architecture, Soladata can break down the barriers of traditional storage such as under utilization and static silos. With a storage-as-a-service model in place, companies have a flexible, secure and agile foundation with business growth.

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Architecture Extension

When analyzing the unique needs of customers, our storage experts often suggest extending architectures into the cloud. This strategy can be more cost-effective than a pure on-site or cloud system because it brings the best of both in an integrated package that performs and protects.

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Off-site Disaster Recovery

The incorporation of the cloud in disaster recovery is fast becoming a requirement for companies. By storing data off-site, Soladata helps IT departments create better business continuity plans that protect against localissues becoming global problems for a business.

technology partners

Soladata partners with industry leaders for proven solutions any business can rely on.

When it comes to storage partners, we work with the best to be the best.

Soladata obtains high levels of partnership certification with leading companies like NetApp and HP because of our commitment to service and our technical excellence.

Our Featured Partners:

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